For the return of all or a portion of the Holding Deposit, and to avoid liability for damages under the Lease, the following provisions, without limitation, apply, even if the Holding Deposit has been waived:

    1. Move-in inspection returned within two weeks of move-in date.
    2. A full notice required by lease to vacate the apartment with the rent paid for the entire period.
    3. No damage to property beyond normal wear and tear.
    4. Resident property and debris removed. Carpets must be thoroughly vacuumed.
    5. No stickers, glue-on picture hangers, large scratches or holes in wall (Residents will be charged for any patching of holes that must be done upon move out).
    6. No noticeable indentations in resilient floor, broken titles or wood. 
    7. No cleaning required by Manager or repairs needed. Any needed work to apartment will be charged based upon the Standard Cleaning and Repair Charge Sheet.
    8. No unpaid charges or delinquent rents.
    9. All keys (and garage door openers where applicable) have been turned into the office.
    10. Forwarding address left with Manager.
    11. Move-out inspection with Manager after all belongings have been removed.

Your deposit refund will be mailed to you with 30 days if the conditions above are met.  If a partial refund is made, you will be furnished an accounting of how the charges are made.