Welcome to your new home! The following rules and regulations are for the safety and convenience of the residents and the community. If you have additional questions please refer to the renters FAQs page.

These rules and regulations may be added to, amended or replaced by the manager upon thirty days prior written notice unless and emergency requires immediate implementation.


Defined terms used herein shall have the same meaning as given in the lease agreement. Failure to comply with the rules and regulations may, at the discretion of the agent, be deemed a breach of the lease agreement and subject you to eviction.

You are responsible for seeing that guests, with your expressed or implied consent, comply with these rules and regulations as well as with the lease agreement.

The office is located at 1711 Destiny Lane, Suite 122 which is directly across from Bowling Green Christian Academy. It is open Monday through Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm and by appointment only on Saturday.

Required utilities must be transferred into the resident’s name prior to obtaining a key to the unit. Proof of transfer must be presented in the form of a receipt. Residents are responsible for payment of all utilities, beginning on the move-in date specified on the Lease Agreement.

For your protection and the safety of our management personnel, we require all payments to be in the form of check or money order. Cash will not be accepted. All rent is due and payable as outlined in the lease agreement. If rent has not been paid by the required time of the month, a late fee will be posted to your account. If payment is not received by the manner in which your lease dictates, you will be subject to eviction proceedings. A $35.00 NSF charge will be collected on all insufficient fund checks. No partial rent or postdated checks for rent will be accepted. As of November 1, 2017, all paper payments will incur a $3.00 processing fee per payment.

The sidewalks, hallways, stairways, landings and public common areas shall not be used for any purpose other than to enter and/or exit from the apartment building or residence. These areas shall be kept clear of bicycles, motorcycles, toys, waste receptacles/trash, cigarettes, footwear, umbrellas and all other articles at all times.

Personal items should be placed on the patio/deck or in your apartment. Residents residing in ground floor units with concrete patios may have gas grills, but they must be 15 feet away from the building while in use. Grills of any kind are prohibited on wooden decks. Grills are prohibited for those residents residing in second or third-floor units. Charcoal grills are strictly prohibited at all properties.

Most requests for service can be completed within a 72-hour period by contacting the office Monday through Friday during normal business hours. In case of emergency, please call (270) 438-6673

Emergency needs shall be defined as those situations posing immediate threat to the health and safety of tenants or staff and/or integrity of the grounds, buildings, equipment, including: the interruption of services, hot or cold running water, electricity, gas, adequate heat and plumbing; glass breakage which deprives tenants or agencies of security of heat; or repairs that if not performed would expose them to injury.

Emergency needs do not include non-working appliances, lock-outs, interior repairs or housekeeping that does not fall into the above-mentioned hazards.

Telephone, internet, and cable connections may only be placed at previously wired locations provided by the telephone and cable companies. Additional drilling, cutting or boring for wires is not permitted without prior written approval from manager.

Keys will be issued to your apartment when proof of utility transfer has been submitted. These keys together with any and all duplicates made by the resident must be returned to manager upon vacating the apartment. No lock may be changed or added to any exterior or interior door without written consent of manager. Manager must retain a passkey to each apartment. There is a $100.00 lock out charge for anyone requiring management to open his or her door during normal business hours. Any such request must come from the party listed in the lease agreement and proper identification is required. For afterhours lockouts, please contact a local locksmith. Should you require locks to be changed during the term of your lease, you will be charged for a complete set of locks and labor to change these locks. There will be a $25.00 charge for replacement of lost keys and a $35.00 charge to change door locks.

Units that are furnished with banker boxes require you to obtain a key from the Post Office, which is located at 5300 Scottsville Road. Postal regulations require boxes to be closed and locked. Mail will not be delivered in unlocked boxes. Do not place notices or advertisements on mailbox facilities.

The office staff will not grant anyone, other than owner’s representatives, access to your apartment under any circumstance (except in the case of emergency or if presented with a search warrant).

Owner has the right to enter, as defined by the terms of your lease. Reasonable notice will be given, if possible. Please notify the office of changes in your home or work phone numbers, or a number where you can be reached in the event of an emergency. Your numbers are retained in our files and are kept strictly confidential.

Smoking is not permitted in any of the units or any common areas such as hallways, stairwells or lobbies.

The garbage disposal, where applicable, will take only soft food items. Do not put bones, cigarettes, paper or eggshells in the disposal. Keep warm water running while the disposal is in operation. You will be charged for misuse of the disposal.

Residents should purchase a plunger to use on all plumbing stoppages. SKY Property Management will not respond to plumbing stoppages unless a plunger has been tried first.

To assure a uniform exterior appearance throughout the community, all window coverings must be approved or furnished by the management. Window coverings must be in good repair at all times. Under no circumstances may window be covered by any substance other than those designed as a window covering (i.e. bed linens, towels, aluminum foil, reflective film, flags, paper products, etc.). No signs, signal, illumination, advertisement, notice or any other lettering or item may be displayed on window, doors, or any other part of the building with the exception of intrusion alarm stickers.

Parking shall be on a first come, first served basis. Park only in designated areas. Any vehicles parked illegally in handicapped spaces, in front of rubbish containers, alongside curb lanes, on lawn areas, or in no parking zones will be towed without notice at the owner’s expense. Management reserves the right to limit the number of vehicles allowed per apartment. All vehicles must be registered on the rental application. Please notify the office immediately of any changes of owned vehicles. Residents may not perform auto repair work of any kind in the community (this includes oil changes). Vehicles with expired plates, flat tires, or which are abandoned, unsightly, or deemed inoperable by owner are not permitted to be kept on the property and may be towed without notice. Semi tractor-trailers and buses are not allowed on the property at any time

Motorcycles are only to be parked in parking areas. They are NOT to be parked under stairways, patio/balconies or in your apartment. This is a fire hazard and will not be permitted.

The speed limit throughout the community is 15 mph, or as posted. Please help us observe this speed limit for everyone’s safety. WATCH FOR CHILDREN!

Neither resident, nor resident’s guests or invitees, shall make or permit any disturbing noises in the building, or in the apartment community, nor do or permit anything to be done that will interfere with the rights, comforts or convenience of other residents. No resident shall play any musical instrument or operate a television set, stereo, cd player or radio in a manner or at any time if the same shall disturb or annoy other occupants of the building or the community. If you believe you are being disturbed or inconveniences by noise, contact the Bowling Green Police Department at 393-4000.

Coverage maintained by your apartment community does not protect residents from loss or damage of personal property by fire, theft, water damage, or any cause whatsoever. Owner will not be liable for the loss or damage to resident’s property. Residents are advised to obtain insurance protecting their household goods, personal property and vehicle. In the event of a loss, Owner will not cover any portion of personal property including the insurance deductible.

Extermination of your apartment will occur on a regular basis. If there is a pest problem, please contact AA Rid All at 270-843-8586 and the exterminator will schedule additional treatment with you at a convenient time. Please do not call our office; all appointments will need to be set up with AA Rid All.

Please see that all garbage is placed in plastic bags, securely tied and placed in the containers, not beside them. If trash is left on your doorstep, patio, breezeway or other improper area and removed by management, there will be a $35.00 charge due the next month. Repeat offenders are at risk for lease termination. New residents are required to break down any boxes before placing in the containers. Recycling bins may also be available for your use through Southern Recycling at 270-781-3265.

Resident will be charged for damage to the property as a result of negligence, carelessness or misuse. The resident shall at all times maintain the interior of his/her apartment in a clean, orderly and sanitary condition. No interior alteration or redecoration of any kind may be done without the written consent of the management. Small nails are permitted; however, no adhesive hangers or molly bolts are to be used. Do not use strong soaps on walls as many cleaners will damage paint and texture. The resident shall be liable for all damages to the building caused by moving furniture or other article of the resident. No awnings or other projections including air conditioners, television/radio antenna or wiring shall be attached to or extended from the outside of a building or roof of building or any part of the building for any purpose. The resident is required to report to the manager’s office at once, any accident, changes to water pipers, toilets, drains or plumbing fixtures, electrical wires or light fixtures, rook leaks, glass breakage, or loss of any kind. Resident shall not waste electricity, water, heat or air conditioning or service provided by manager. Resident shall keep corridor closed except when persons are entering or exiting the premises.

All fixture bulbs are provided at the time of move-in. Replacement of all other bulbs in fixtures controlled by the resident is the responsibility of the resident. All bulbs must be working at the time of the move-out.

Please do not ask maintenance to perform repair services. They are not allowed to enter any apartment without a written request from the office staff. When maintenance service is required, please call to give us your request. This allows us to maintain a service record and enables us to take care of problems in a timely manner.

Resident shall comply with all municipal, county, state, federal or other governmental laws, statutes, codes, regulations, and other requirements including without limitation, health, safety and police requirements and regulations respecting the obligations of residents under the lease. Resident shall at all times comply with ordinances relating to use of flammable explosives, asbestos or other hazardous toxic, contaminated or polluting materials, substances or wastes.

Resident shall not; 1) carry on any activity except those ordinarily embraced within the permitted use of the residence as a resident, 2) install or operate any internal combustion engine, boiler, machinery, refrigerating, heating or air conditioning equipment in or about the residence without owner’s prior written approval, 3) operate any electrical or another device which may interfere with or impair radio, television, microwave or other broadcasting or reception in the residence or elsewhere, 4) do anything in or about the residence tending to create or maintain a nuisance or do any act tending to injure the reputation of the community, 5) throw or permit to be thrown or dropped any article from any window or their openings in the residence, 6) use or permit within the residence anything that will invalidate or increase the rate of insurance on any policy carried on the residence, 7) use the residence for any purpose or permit within or upon the community, including but not limited to, flammable oils, fluids, paints, chemicals, unlicensed firearms or any explosive articles or materials.